Angsana Laguna: Phuket Thailand

Set along the shores of Phuket’s Bang Tao Bay in the island’s northwest, Angsana Laguna Phuket is a tropical and modern getaway. Want to know what’s unique about this resort? Think sparkling lagoons, a perfect palm-lined beach and activities for adventurers. It’s more like a village than your average resort, full of different bars, pools and restaurants set on 600 acres of parkland.

Spectacular scenery, stunning tropical sunsets and warm blue sea make Phuket one of Asia’s most popular beach destinations. I spent ten days in Phuket and managed to do almost everything on my travel wishlist (as well as stay in some seriously lovely hotels) so if you want some tips on what to do during your holiday then read my blog pots on The Top Ten Things To Do In Phuket here. 

Although I had a great time Phuket, it isn’t as quiet as some of Thailand’s other destinations so towards the end of my trip I was looking for a haven amongst the hustle and bustle of the city. I stopped my sightseeing for a few days and enjoyed yoga, sunbathing and reading. The calm of the lagoon was just what I needed…

The resort is advertised as being perfect for friends, families and romantic getaways but I think if you’re a couple it would be nicer to be someone quiet with more privacy. My room had a balcony which was overlooking a children’s pool which was quite noisey in the day. As I was travelling solo and out everyday on the beach this didn’t bother me too much but I can imagine if I was looking to laze around in my room with my boyfriend it would have been annoying. 

The perks of having a family-friendly resort is that there are lots of activities to do so I spent my stay doing yoga and paddle-boarding on the lagoon. Watching the sunlight glint off the sparkling lagoon whilst I floated across the water was so relaxing. After paddling across the lagoon I sat on the board and took some time to myself to daydream and enjoy the views. As well as paddle boarding there was canoeing, wind sailing and mountain biking on the resort.  

Xana beach club has a chilled atmosphere and was great for cocktails in the pool whilst the sun set. Once I had spent the afternoon paddle boarding I was looking forward to a relaxing afternoon so I ordered a cocktail from the beach bar and read my travel guide, ready to plan my next adventure. It was easy to spend a whole day swimming, sunbathing and sipping cocktails at the beach. I could get used to this… 

Along the beachfront there were stalls selling coconuts, fresh fruit and handmade fabrics (where I bought this beautiful embroidered bag). If you’re looking to be pampered, then Thailand is the perfect holiday destination for you! Every corner you turn there are stalls offering massages. On the beach by Angsana Laguna an hour long treatment only cost me 300BHT (roughly £5). The Aloe Vera oil was so soothing on my skin after a day in the sun and the sea breeze felt so relaxing so I couldn’t resist treating myself to one every time I went to the beach.

Angsana Laguna is home to the famous Phuket Sunday Brunch which is very different to the brunch I’m used to here in England. Fresh local produce is the main attraction on the menu so lobster, sushi, wagyu beef and salmon are all served. It’s a real feast! As well as Sunday brunch, the breakfast every morning was very good and full of variety. Bottomless waffles, fruit and coffee to start my day? Yes please! 

What I loved most about Angsana Laguna was the amazing hospitality. From the moment I arrived the staff made me felt like I was right at home. This might have been because I was travelling alone so I got extra attention but everyone was really friendly and spoke wonderful English so it felt like no request was too small. 

Have you been to Phuket? Comment below to let me know what you loved most about this tropical travel destination!

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