The Peninsula: Paris

Just steps from the Arc de Triomphe, The Peninsula sits in the heart of Paris within walking distance of some of the world’s most famous monuments and museums. Last weekend I was in Paris and was lucky enough to visit its restaurant, L’Oiseau Blanc, which is a stylish spot for intimate drinks and dinner.

Walking in to the hotel was like a dream….from the building façade to interior elements including fine marble, rich wood panelling and gold leaf finishing it was the ultimate Parisian palace! My favourite room was the lobby which had beautiful high ceilings and shimmering chandeliers.

Being a blogger I couldn’t resist getting some photos of my outfit before we dined and I’m so pleased I did – my outfit was the perfect thing for an evening of Parisian chic and it was lovely to dine somewhere where we had the opportunity to dress up. You can see more photos of what I wore here.

After we had finished marvelling at the lobby we were shown to the lift where we travelled up to the sixth floor of the hotel to the L’Oiseau Blanc Restaurant. It’s known to the hotel as their ‘crowning glory’ due to its rooftop setting and I could see why straight away.

Most rooftop restaurants are split into a terrace and indoor dining area whereas the sloped glass of this restaurant made me feel more like I was in a viewing area. The whole effect was so special as the panoramic views meant we saw the sun setting over Paris as we enjoyed dinner. Definitely a must for any couples looking for romance in Paris!

We were ushered to our seats but before we looked at the menu I asked if we could enjoy a drink on the outdoor terrace as, after all, it seemed a shame to waste the view. It did not disappoint! The lush plants, stylish furniture and spectacular views were breath-taking. Despite attempting to look cool and un-phased by the view we couldn’t stop our jaws dropping at the scenery – we could see the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre and Notre Dame all bathed in early evening sunlight.

A starter, main course and dessert is €99 at L’Oiseau Blanc which may seem a bit on the pricey side but what you’re paying for isn’t just the food they serve but the stunning views over Paris’ most iconic monuments and that, in my opinion, made it worth every penny.

As we were only in Paris for a long weekend I wanted to try traditional French dishes so I was slightly concerned that the menu, described as ‘bistronomique’, would be over-adventurous and disappointing.

I was, however, completely wrong! Although the chef added contemporary flair to his dishes traditional French cuisine was still present in the ingredients sourced from the provenances of France, fantastic wine pairings and key delicacies like Foie Gras. We had foie gras to start and it was topped with an apricot compote, fresh almonds and a cordifole salad – the fruit really lifted the rich taste of the liver and it was presented beautifully for a summer dish.

Our foie gras was followed by lamb from Lozère which was fantastically fresh and served with seasonal greens from the provenances of France. Three glasses of red wine later I was ready to indulge in dessert; the signature L’Envol dish cracked with a satisfying sound under my spoon.

We left feeling fairly tipsy and reluctant to end our evening so we strolled along the Champs-Élysée before finding a jazz bar to end the night. If you are looking for a romantic spot in Paris for a luxurious dinner then you won’t find better! I can’t wait to return but in the meantime I will be dreaming of the views…

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