Newcastle’s Best Kept Secret: Pet Lamb Patisserie

If you read my blog regularly you will know that I am always out and about reviewing restaurants, hotels and cafés so it probably won’t surprise you that my friends always ask me to recommend hidden gems across the country. 

Especially because they know that I’m rubbish at keeping secrets! As soon as I find a cute coffee shop, fabulous florist or a retro restaurant I have to shout about it and feature it on my blog. Surely it’s best to let your friends in on your secret spots so that they can enjoy them too, right? 

So when I got an email from Travelodge challenging me to write a post around the best kept secrets in Newcastle I couldn’t resist getting involved. Travelodge have lots of hotels all over the North East and they wanted to know what makes Newcastle special to me. As a student at Durham University I’m very close to Newcastle and I’m always exploring the city – so choosing just one was pretty hard!

Grainger Market isn’t a hidden gem at all – in fact it’s pretty famous. This indoor market was the biggest in Europe when it was first built in the 1830s and it’s now a Grade I listed building. But Pet Lamb Patisserie, a small but perfectly formed shop in the market, is a little bit more secret.

They serve the best sugary treats in town so if you’re a cupcake enthusiast like me then you will love this place! All of their cakes are lovingly baked in their very own kitchens by shop owners Kate and Katie who founded Pet Lamb in 2009 selling cakes at markets. They’ve been in Grainger Market for two years now and have created the most instagram-worthy café I’ve ever visited. 

Whenever I visit I struggle to choose just one cake because they all look so delicious! I usually get one to enjoy with an afternoon cup of tea in the café and then take a selection home for friends (which always goes down a treat).

The slutty brownies, which are stuffed full of oreos and cookie dough, are always my top choice to buy in a box to go as they are utterly scrumptious. The cute cupcakes are irresistible and my personal favourite is the Pistachio cupcake which is topped with buttercream and sprinkled with crushed pistachios. As well as classics like Strawberry Jam, Lemon and Chocolate they serve delightful specials like Banoffee Pie, Cherry Cola and Salted Caramel. 

Next time you’re in Newcastle treat yourself to an afternoon at the market and wander amongst the stores looking at fabric shops, florists and everything in between. Then indulge in a coffee and cupcake from Pet Lamb Patisserie! 

Where are your favourite hidden gems in Newcastle? Comment below to let me know!

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