Hôtel de Nell: Paris

Ever since I got back from Paris I haven’t stopped talking about it. I’m sure my friends must be sick of it by now but I can’t stop daydreaming about the scenic views, chic street style, cute coffee shops and glorious food!

Paris had been on my destination wish list for too long and I couldn’t have been more excited to arrive. So when I saw my room at Hotel de Nell I was almost a bit disappointed to be honest. How could I justify spending a day sightseeing in Paris with a room this beautiful?

When our train arrived at Gare du Nord we headed straight to the hotel to drop off our suitcases. Lugging them over the cobbles of the ninth arrondissement certainly woke us up but as soon as we turned the last corner we stopped walking to take in the restored façade of the 19th-century building. Although the architecture is classically Parisian the stark white palette gave it a modern edge above the other luxury hotels in the area so we instantly knew it was Hotel de Nell.

As soon as I book a hotel I get myself excited for the trip by browsing through travel guides and the hotel’s website. On the Hotel de Nell website I fell in love with a crispy white room surrounded by windows of Paris and I was hoping we would be staying in it…

Our room was actually ready early, which was a pleasant surprise, so as the concierge took us to our room I was holding my breath to see if we had got the room of my dreams. There are 33 rooms and suites in Hotel De Nell and all are designed beautifully so I knew whichever room we were in we would have a lovely stay but I had let myself fantasise about enjoying views of Paris on our own terrace with a glass of wine.

As he opened the door to our room there it was….the perfect room with a view! The sheer floor length curtains covered our view on to a calm street and the Saint-Eugène church.

We had been so excited to be tourists for the day in The City Of Lights but after the concierge left we exchanged a glance that told me we were thinking the same thing. ‘Maybe we should only go out for a few hours’ he said. I nodded in agreement. The terrace, the bath and the comfy sofas made it near impossible to stay away from all day so we spent a few hours at The Musée d’Orsay, ate macaroons at Angelina then returned to the hotel. If you want to find out more about my day in Paris you can read my blog post here.

I usually find that minimal décor can feel cold but the floor rugs, natural wood panelling, retro lighting, white marble bathroom and natural light added warmth and a sense of cosiness to our room. By the time we had unpacked our clothes and a few of our things were scattered around the place it actually felt quite homely.

Although the windows were the highlight for me my boyfriend’s favourite feature was the bath! Hotel de Nell is famous for their Japanese-style bathrooms and we had even read about them in our Wallpaper City Guide to Paris.

Carved from a block of solid marble with Oregon myrtlewood accessories, the Japanese bath was the most luxurious I have ever seen. To make our evening even more relaxing we were given Bvlgari White Tea Bags to dip in our bath. As soon as the hot water poured over them they released a calming aroma in the bathroom…it was absolutely heavenly!

After our bath we started dressing for dinner when we got a knock on our door. The concierge had returned with a bottle of champagne…lucky us!  The champagne, Gosset Grande Réserve Brut, had a very seductive taste but was maybe a little too rich for me. Being able to enjoy a chilled glass of champagne on our own private terrace was so romantic and just thinking about it now is making me smile.

We decided to go out for dinner as I had a recommendation from a friend that The Peninsula was fabulous (you can read a review of our meal here). The hotel has its own bistro, La Régalade, but I always think it’s much nicer to venture out of the hotel to explore the city. Especially if your hotel is in a location as brilliant as Hotel de Nell! As well as being within strolling distance from the Grands Boulevards shopping area and the Palais Garnier Opera House loads of restaurants and bars are near.

After a heavy sleep we went down to breakfast fairly early to enjoy a full day in the city. The décor of the restaurant was similar to our room: clean lines and minimal furnishings which created a polished atmosphere without being too formal.

It was a nice place to spend an hour or so whilst we planned our day with a cup of coffee. My boyfriend helped himself to the buffet of fresh fruit, pastries, cheese and bread whilst I ordered the pancakes for my sweet tooth.

If you’re looking for somewhere quirky to stay in Paris I couldn’t recommend Hotel de Nell highly enough. The acclaimed architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte has created a warm atmosphere in Paris’s eclectic 9tharrondissement and I can’t wait to return! However I would say that if you’re planning on being out of the hotel all day to sightsee stay somewhere cheaper. This hotel is for those looking to indulge in a weekend of relaxation only!!!

You can browse the hotel and book a room here: Hotel de Nell.

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