Almyra: Cyprus

You’ve been subjected to some serious holiday spam across my Instagram and Twitter recently so firstly, I’m sorry! I just couldn’t resist sharing photos of my adventures at Almyra hotel.

During my week away in Cyprus I spent lots of time exploring the local area through the seafront and harbour. I’d heard how historical Paphos was but the ancient ruins and mosaics were even more magical than I could have imagined. If you’re planning a holiday in Europe then a trip to Cyprus should be top of your list. But…with such a picturesque resort we didn’t really feel the need to explore at all. 

We arrived from Paphos airport in the early afternoon so that we had plenty of time to enjoy the hotel on the first day of our holiday. I had been browsing the brochure on the plane and had a few reservations about the hotel – the first being that it was a family hotel and the latter being that the food at the buffet restaurant would be the same every day and lack variety! 

As we were given a tour of the hotel I thought all my dreams of a quiet relaxing holiday were shattered when I saw a pool full of splashing children and parents hurriedly rubbing suncream on their toddlers. But then…we were shown to the second pool. The adults’ only pool, complete with a cocktail and snack bar of course, which was so quiet and peaceful that we whispered as we walked past. It was absolute bliss! 

Having one pool for families and one for ‘adults only’ is a great idea as it meant that each pool catered for the needs of the guests. For the duration of my stay I hardly left the infinity pool – it was so peaceful and a perfect suntrap! Reading a book by the pool with an iced coffee was just what I had been daydreaming about.  

I needn’t have worried about the hotel being very family friendly as with separate pools  and parents eating earlier with their children I didn’t really notice! To be honest we hardly bumped in to anyone, let alone families, on our holiday at Almyra. The hotel is so well designed that everyone feels like they have plenty of their own private space. For a couple it was a really romantic destination as it felt like it was our private escape. 

After a lazy afternoon of reading by the pool flew by we returned to our room to unpack, shower and get ready for dinner. Luckily for us we were staying in one of Almyra’s signature suites which occupy a privileged seafront position in the gardens. Aren’t they beautiful!

Our spacious open-plan suite had a sitting and bedroom area with spectacular sea views. It was contemporary chic at its finest with every surface having a sleek finish. As a bit of a neat freak I loved the simplicity of the room. Plus…there was the most comfortable bed full of fluffy pillow and white sheets.

Each room comes with all the amenities you would expect from a luxury hotel like a coffee machine, TV and WiFi. The WiFi was very dodgy and slow but I didn’t complain because, to be honest, it was a blessing in disguise. As a self-confessed social media addict I really needed a bit of a digital detox and was pleased to be without my phone by the pool (as was my boyfriend who probably had a lot more quality time with me when I couldn’t refresh Instagram every five minutes). If you think could do with  #onedayoffline too read this.

Our suite had a roof-top terrace with panoramic views of Paphos harbour so each night before dinner we would sit and watch the sunset with a glass of wine before our meal. In the day it was a perfect tanning spot so I would walk up to the roof and catch the sun in my Triangl Swimwear (you can read more about my bikini here) before having a dip in the pool to cool down. 

As I mentioned previously I was a bit sceptical about how the ‘buffet style’ restaurant would work at a luxury hotel since I’ve not had great experiences with hotel buffets. They tend to be full of cold food, served with a lack of flavour and little variety but, I must say, I was quite impressed. As well as having a huge amount of fresh fruit and vegetables there was a whole table full of Cypriot specialities like olives, feta and locally made breads. For my meal I had a simple salad and swordfish kebabs followed by the most delicious baklava I have ever tasted!

However, if I had the choice, I wouldn’t eat there every night as it didn’t have the romantic atmosphere you really want on a couples holiday. So we didn’t! That was the best thing about the Almyra dining – the variety. There are multiple restaurants at the hotel including: Mosaics, Nostios, Eauzone and Ouzeri. As a foodie (and a bit of a wine snob) I loved that we had the choice of good quality restaurants. I would have been happy to venture out of the hotel for dinner but we ate so well each evening we didn’t really need to. 

My favourite was Ouzeri as it epitomised all that is great about Cypriot seaside dining. We ordered lots of the meze so that we could share some of the local specialities with a glass of Cypriot rose wine as we enjoyed the  cool sea breeze.  The calamari, baked feta and dolmadadkia were my favourites!

Dining al fresco was so romantic – just thinking about our evenings there with a bottle of wine and gourmet food by the beach is making me smile. We had such good memories at Almyra as they managed to make everything, including dinner, seem special.

Nostios, which served fabulous Japanese cuisine, was also great as the menu was different each day so there was always something new to try! Not forgetting the hotels amazing service with drinks being served by the pool. This was dangerous though as it meant I could sip cocktails on my sun lounger all day without any need to leave – piña colada by the pool anyone?

Each night I slept exceptionally well in our big comfy bed. The suite is close enough to the sea that we could hear the gentle lapping of the waves each morning. As we made a coffee we opened the floor length blue curtains and stepped on to the seafront terrace. There were king size day beds stretched out on our lawn which we loved to laze on with our books if we wanted more privacy than the poolside. The day always flew by so easily at Almyra!

Although the buffet breakfast was convenient we started most our mornings at the poolside restaurant, Eauzone, as it was such a peaceful haven. Eating breakfast with unobstructed sea views was an amazing way to start each day.

To get a coveted table for breakfast we had to book the night before. If we arrived at 8am all of the beds by the pool were usually gone by 9am so it also nice to arrive early and put our towels and books down. The sun lounger wars does get a little tedious but this is the same at any resort. 

By the third day we felt very settled in and had experienced most of the hotel’s fantastic features like the pool, tennis court and beach front walks. So now…it was time for the spa! I abandoned my boyfriend by the pool for a bit of well deserved ‘me time’ and treated myself to a massage.

I think the highlight of the holiday for me was the Almyraspa. The spa menu was full of marine-based therapies but I couldn’t resist the hot stone massage after hearing so many people raving about how fantastic they are! (I had also seen online that Almyra have a reputation for doing them exceptionally well so I thought it was the perfect time to try the treatment).

The products used at the spa are by ila skincare which is a brand I use myself at home, you can read a beauty blog post about my favourite products from their range here, so it was really lovely to have it incorporated in to the massage.

By our last day I was beginning to feel at home in our seaside suite and had convinced myself that I never wanted to leave. Can’t we just stay here forever? Do we realllyyy have to go home? But alas reality called. 

Almyra sits in eight acres of landscaped gardens on the Mediterranean shoreline of Paphos. Our suite had a cute gate on to the beach front for romantic walks so we spent our last afternoon enjoying Paphos harbour. 

I loved how luxurious the hotel was without feeling pretentious and showy as the stylish suites and chic design made everything feel so contemporary yet relaxed. I would love to visit again but I think next time I would visit one of Almyra’s sister hotels in the Thanos Hotels group for somewhere new to explore.

I’m often in dreaming destinations for just a night or two and have so much sightseeing to do so having the opportunity to relax was a real treat. If you want some time to unwind by the pool, enjoy some cocktails and top up your tan then I can’t recommend Almyra enough. You can browse and book a stay at Almyra here: Happy holidaying! 

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