Why Fly With Cathay Pacific

For me, a holiday starts at the airport. After weeks of anticipation I love to make the most of my time off so I try to be as prepared as possible to avoid a pre-holiday headache. After all no one needs the stress of sprinting through departures before a relaxing week away!

When it comes to booking a holiday I spend hours reading hotel reviews and city guides to pick the perfect destination but I don’t put the same amount of time into choosing an airport or airline. I just book the cheapest flight before realising I will need five extra hours to get there and a long shuttlebus ride once I’ve parked. As I’m dragging a suitcase through the maze of car parks and my boarding time draws closer I get increasingly stressed and start thinking ‘was it really worth it?’

Before travelling to Bali I knew I had to think things through properly. The idea of being uncomfortable, or even worse LATE, for a long haul flight was not worth thinking about. So why did I choose to fly with Cathay Pacific for my trip to Bali?

  1. They fly from London. Luckily for me my parents live near Heathrow so the short drive meant I had plenty of time to check in my bag, wander through the shops and treat myself to some pre-flight pampering at World Duty Free. Glass of champagne and a hand massage at Jo Malone anyone? Feeling thoroughly stress-free and relaxed I found my gate with time to spare. Phew!
  2. They stop in Hong Kong. Hong Kong airport is a major hub and Cathay Pacific serves pan-pacific and international destinations with a reliable and frequent flight schedule. Stopping over was relatively quick and a welcome chance to stretch my legs. I must warn you though…the airport has a Zara, Kate Spade, MAC, Victoria Secret & Calvin Klein so be prepared to resist the shopping!
  3. They make you feel cosy. It’s really important to rest as much as possible on a plane if you’re crossing time zones. I didn’t want to spend the first 24 hours of my holiday recovering from jet lag so I was delighted to see a soft pillow and blanket waiting for me on my seat. I changed my watch to the local time in Bali so I could try to adjust and got some sleep! You can read more tips in my Essentials For A Peaceful Flight post.
  4. They’re super friendly! This was my first time flying with Cathay Pacific and I was so impressed with how nice everyone was. From topping up my drink when it looked a little empty to offering me a blanket when we were waiting in Hong Kong airport the flight attendants were consistently lovely. 
  5. They keep you entertained. With such a long journey I was expecting there to be a movie playing over each aisle but as a fussy film watcher I packed a book and intended to ignore the entertainment. To my surprise there was a whole cinema library right in front of me! As well as new releases there were dramas and documentaries. I was gripped by House of Cards over dinner and then learnt a few things about the world from TED Talks during breakfast.
  6. They know you like your personal things close. The new economy class has some pretty cool storage options that meant I didn’t have to risk loosing stuff down the side of my seat (this has happened to me before) or shoved under the seat in front of me. The storage was perfect for keeping my phone and glasses right in front of me and my book in the literature pocket. 
  7. They kept me organised. To avoid the stress of delays or changing gates they kept me constantly updated about my flight. I could sign up for emails or texts and it was so nice knowing I wouldn’t miss any important information. Having a little text to remind me to board was lovely. Thanks Cathay! 

As you can probably tell I love being organised! From packing in advance to writing check-lists for the morning of my flight I’m all about preparation. Whether you’re like me or not flying with Cathay Pacific will take a lot of stress out of your journey as they fly from convenient locations, keep you updated about the flight and have practically designed planes perfect for keeping comfy! So, for that reason, I will definitely be flying with them again. Now I just need to book my next getaway… 

You can read more about my trip to Bali here or browse and book flights with Cathay Pacific here

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