Things You Learn When You Move To London

Commuting, coffee shops and costly nights out. Moving to London has taught me a lot of valuable lessons! So here’s what I’ve learnt about city living so far…

1.     London is lots of tiny towns – not one big city. Once you start avoiding the tourist spots and exploring London you discover quaint urban pockets like Notting Hill, Chelsea & Broadway Market.

2.     Flat-hunting is a nightmare. Finding an affordable flat with space, no mould and a reasonable commute in London is like finding a unicorn.

3.     If you show friends around the city you get the No 11 bus. Instead of doing a touristy tour of London just hop on the No 11. This route takes commuters past St Paul’s, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben & Houses of Parliament. For 90p on your oyster it’s a lovely way to see the city.

4.     London has some of the world’s best coffee. London is full of unique & quirky coffee shops. My favourites are Department of Coffee & Social Affairs, Monocle, Kaffeine and The Attendant (which is in a former public toilet – how cool!).

5.     You will never have any money. At all. Like ever.

6.     Most of London’s museums are free. The V&A, British Museum and The Tate have permanent exhibitions which are free so you can treat yourself to an afternoon of culture.

7.  Always have an umbrella handy. Face it – it rains a lot here.


8.     London is beautiful from above. My favourite way to get a view of the city skyline is with a cocktail! Head to Queen of Hoxton, Dalston Roof Park or Radio Rooftop Bar for an amazing view of London.

9.     Street food in London is hard to beat. Try Portobello Road Market, Borough Market and the food market on South Bank for a taste of cuisine from all over the world.

10.     Discount sites are your new best friend. If you eat out at a chain restaurant without a Tastecard or a VoucherCode what are you doing with your life? Treatwell is great for beauty fixes too!

11.     People drink all the time. Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Anything goes in London.

12.     No one ever speaks on the tube. Why is no one talking? Ever! I’m not sure of the answer but I do know you just don’t talk on public transport in London.

13.     When friends visit your new home you act like you’re already a cool Londoner. Despite being in my new home for a very short amount of time I pretend like I’m a Londoner through-and-through when I take them to the 3 places I actually know / go to all the time.

With so many London guides saying the same old thing, I wanted to reveal what I’ve learnt since moving to the big city! If you’re still looking for more tips then Ebookers have come up with their own guide, featuring only the best advice from true London Experts (including yours truly) to help you make the most of your time in the capital. You can see the full feature here.

What did you learn when you moved to London? Comment below to let me know!

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