How To Take Photos Of Yourself When Travelling Solo

Travelling alone is something everyone should experience but going solo makes capturing that ‘perfect’ holiday photo a lot trickier! As a blogger I’m overly-obsessed with photography so making memories I can keep forever is really important to me. When I decided to travel alone to Thailand I was worried that I would leave without precious photographs of my trip but with the right equipment and a lot of patience it was surprisingly easy.

The most important piece of advice I would give is to remember that it doesn’t matter if you look a little silly! Be confident posing and don’t worry what walkers-by will think – you won’t ever see them again. In ten days I managed to fill my instagram with selfies on the beach and tropical outfit snaps so here are the ways I took photos of myself when travelling solo…

Use Self Timer & A Tripod

One of my favourite ways to take photos of myself is to use self-timer and a tripod. My tripod is super lightweight so I can just pack it my bag and carry it to the beach to take some photos. Once I’ve set up my camera on the tripod I can use the self-timer settings and start shooting! I usually change the settings to take 10 photos at 3 second intervals so there’s plenty of time to pose.

To get in position in time you can either frantically run into frame or use a remote and click it when you want to take the photo. I use both methods depending on how far away I want to take the photograph. In the photos above I was using a timer and no remote so when a lady swam by me in the pool the camera kept snapping away and she looked a little startled – be prepared for a few self-timer mishaps!

Ask A Friendly Stranger

It may be nerve-wracking asking a complete stranger to take a photo of you but I’ve found people are always willing to help out. Remember to ask them to take a few as there’s nothing worse than having just one bad photo of you blinking!

If you see another solo traveller be sure to approach them as they will probably want you to return the favour and you can take photos of each other. It’s also a good idea to ask couples on holiday as they probably haven’t had the chance to take many photos together that aren’t selfies. By offering to take a photo of people in return you’re a lot more likely to get some decent photos.

Use A Selfie Stick

Ah the selfie-stick! You may be worried about looking like a lemon pulling a selfie-stick out of your bag but you can actually get some really good photos with them. They’re quite tacky (we all know it’s true) but if you practice using it at different angles then you can get a natural looking shot. By extending the pole, tilting my phone screen and lowering my arm I can usually hide the selfie stick from the shot – who would even know?!

One thing I would say is that because they use your phone, photos taken on your selfie-stick won’t be as good quality as those taken on your camera so they’re better for on-the-go shots. If you have a day of adventures or activities maybe leave your camera at the hotel and take a selfie-stick! I did this when I went on a boat trip and it saved me lots of space in my bag as well as worrying about getting sand on my camera.

Find A Local Photographer With Travelshoot

If you’re worried that the ideas above are a little too technical for you then you should definitely consider Travelshoot. The service connects travellers with local photographers around the world and I loved using it! You can invest 1-4hrs to get some really beautiful travel photos of your trip. The packages are designed to get you the shots you want, without stripping your holiday budget and consuming precious holiday time.

I met up with a photographer in Phuket who took some amazing photos of me on the beach. It was all very easy to organise and I’m really happy with the final photos (I will be sharing more in my next outfit post so keep your eyes peeled). They’re the ultimate holiday souvenir and they certainly made my Facebook friends insanely jealous!

Shop my Travel Photography Essentials

I travel with my Olympus PEN E-PL7 for photos on the go as it’s so lightweight I can just pop it in my beach bag. Then I use my FujiFilm X-A2 for more professional looking photographs as it takes such great quality photographs. They both have a retro look that I love so they’re my favourite fashion accessories as well as photography essentials!

These photography accessories are essential for solo-travel: Selfie-Stick, Camera Remote, Tripod and Tripod Brace For Olympus Pen. I signed up for a year of Amazon Student Prime for just £39 and got free next day delivery on all these items so they arrived before my holiday. Also how cute are these polaroid prints by Cheerz?!

How do you take photos of yourself when you travel? Comment below to let me know!

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