How To Save Space In Your Suitcase

Suitcases can be unruly beasts. Just when you think you have managed to fit everything in and close the lock, your case bursts open and you are back to square one. Worse still, you realise you can’t actually fit all your stuff in and something has to be left behind.

Rimowa luggage UK is roomy (and a personal favourite of mine) but it pays to be careful when you pack, or you might find that you have to leave a few of your favourite items behind. Luckily there are plenty of ways to save space in a suitcase – you just have to know how to pack it properly. Here are some genius space-saving tips for newbie travellers. Ignore them at your peril…

Don’t Pack Too Much

The best tip I can give you is not to take unnecessary items. We have all made this mistake. We think we need the entire contents of our wardrobe for a beach holiday in Thailand, then end up wearing less than a quarter of what we take.

To avoid this issue from costing you money in excess luggage charges, make a list and stick to it. If you are not sure about an item, leave it out. Take mix and match items that can be worn in different ways, and pack a few different accessories to give the same garments a new look.

Roll Up Clothing

Folding clothes might seem like the most sensible way to pack a suitcase, but if you are short of space, try rolling up your garments instead. By rolling clothes into small sausage-shapes, you will fit a lot more in.

Shoe Storage

Shoes take up room in a case, but unless you plan on walking barefoot for the duration of your trip, you should pack at least one pair of sandals. Save space by rolling up socks and pushing them inside your shoes.

Underwear Space Savers

Stack bras one on top of the other and then fold them in half, with socks between the cups to keep them in shape. This will save lots of space and prolong the life of your bras.

Lotions and Potions

Travelling without shampoo, moisturiser, and other lotions and creams is unpleasant, but full bottles take up a lot of room. Instead of trying to cram large bottles of creams and liquids into a full suitcase, decant small amounts of each into travel-size plastic bottles. You won’t need a huge amount of product for a week’s holiday, so don’t panic. Another option is to share with your travel companions, so one person carries the shampoo, another packs the conditioner, and so on.

Bulky Items

If you need to take a bulky item, such as a ski jacket or hiking shoes, don’t pack them – wear them instead. The more you wear on the plane, the less you need to stuff into your suitcase. Don’t go too overboard, however, or you won’t be able to move. 

And finally… Always weigh your suitcase before you leave for the airport. Having to discard clothing at the check-in desk is embarrassing, so don’t be that person.


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