What To Pack For A Safari

Packing for a safari can be a challenge when most safaris require transportation on small planes or vehicles that have strict luggage restrictions. The weight quickly adds up if, like me, you want to bring all of your photography equipment! So be sure to pack carefully and remember what’s important. Here are my essentials for a safari:

  1. Hiking gear. While there’s no need to go full commando in camouflage, you’ll want to pack clothing that will be practical all day. As many safari lodges offer laundry service, you don’t need to bring a lot of clothes. For a week safari, my essentials were two pairs of convertible hiking trousers, three short sleeve shirts and two long sleeved shirts.
  2. Sunglasses. The African sun can be brutal so be sure to buy a pair of polarizing sunglasses that can protect your eyes. Mine are from Zero UV because they’re lightweight, provide great protection and I love the vintage cat eye style of the frames.
  3. Camera. If you’re lucky enough to see the Big Five on safari then you will want to capture the moment so be sure to bring a camera. I never go anywhere without my Olympus PEN as it’s so lightweight and perfect for travelling. 
  4. Perfume. Pack a fragrance that you can spritz on after safari to unwind. Recently I’ve been loving Calvin Klein’s ck2 cologne. It’s natural, fresh and I love the creamy fieriness of sandalwood. This fragrance is available exclusively at World Duty Free until February so you can pick it up from the airport before you fly to Africa!
  5. Sensible shoes. Great footwear makes a real difference to life on safari. I like my Salomon trainers as they’re durable, waterproof and the most comfortable shoes I own! 
  6. Espadrilles. At the end of the day, there is nothing better than hanging up your dirty shoes outside the lodge and putting on your espadrilles; a pair of woven Toms are perfect for this! 
  7. Waterproof bag. As well as protecting all of your stuff from rain it will make sure everything doesn’t get dusty. 
  8. Stragazing app. Each night on safari you will get the opportunity to watch the sun set and see the stars appear! Download the Sky View app before you travel so that you can identify stars, planets and celestial objects. 
  9. Turkish towel. After a long day of game drives it’s lovely to relax by the pool so I always pack my Turkish towel. Because it’s cotton it dries quickly and is super light making it perfect for travel.
  10. Binoculars. Last, but certainly not least, bring binoculars! Look for ones that are sturdy enough to survive getting dropped. If you can’t afford a pair think about sharing the cost with whoever you’re travelling with – you won’t regret it when you get to see animals up close. 

So there it is – my top tips on what to pack for safari. If you want to read about my African adventure you can read my review of Ant’s Hill in South Africa here. Comment below to let me know what you think! 

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