The Moment You Know With Links of London

They say “when you know, you know“. It’s that feeling of wanting to tell everyone about them, even when they haven’t asked. Fireworks, butterflies or whatever you want to call it – there’s nothing quite like falling in love. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner Links of London asked me to write about the special someone in my life and the moment I knew he was the one for me.

Unlike the dinner and drink dates I’d come to expect living in London, most of our first dates were spent outdoors. Hours would fly by as we walked through the leafy parks of London with a coffee in hand. Warming our hands as we went and stealing kisses in the cold autumn air – nothing is as romantic as a riverside walk. The stroll to South Kensington as we ventured to the museums one afternoon was the moment that I knew being hand in hand with him was a feeling I didn’t want to be without.

When we started dating my wonderful brother had just passed away. It was, and in lots of ways still is, a sad time full of heartache but he’s stuck by me and made it his mission to make me happy. Even when I don’t feel like laughing, he makes me smile.

As soon as I saw the Mother of Pearl Compass Charm I thought it symbolised our relationship perfectly. It reminds me of how much I love exploring the great outdoors together and it makes me think of all the adventures we have to look forward to together. Specially crafted in luxurious gold and mother of pearl this charm is shimmering and beautiful – talk about travelling in style!

This charm is from the Wanderlust Collection and if you’re looking for a Valentine’s day gift to add to your wishlist then you’ll find it here. The charms are perfect for remembering a special holiday with your loved one. Everytime I look down at my charm it makes me want to set sail on our next adventure together…

My charms are set on a Gold Charm Cuff. Crafted in polished 18 carat yellow gold it adds a touch of luxury to everything I wear. It’s sleek, stylish and I love the way the charms hang off it.

I styled my Links of London jewellery with this pleat trim shirt by Me + Em, a lace midi skirt and nude ballet pumps. The detail on the pretty pink sleeves shows off my charmed cuff perfectly. Oh and please note my dreamy curls courtesy of Show Dry Hair Salon, my favourite blow dry bar in Notting Hill.

I also added an elegant Gold Zodiac Charm to my bracelet. I’m a purposeful and passionate Scorpio but luckily for me the people in my life put up with my fiery side. Engraved with the Scorpio symbol on one side and ‘Scorpio‘ written in delicate script on the other then finished with scalloping detailing around the edge. You can’t have a charm bracelet without a zodiac charm now can you?!

This blog post has been a bit of a love letter to my boyfriend (with a sprinkling of dreamy jewellery and cute cupcakes from Peggy Porschen – the most Instagram-worthy cake shop in London) so if it’s too gushing and heart-eyed, please forgive me! What can I say… it’s almost Valentine’s Day. 

Which Links of London charm would you like to open for Valentine’s Day? Tag @Links_of_London and use #TheMomentYouKnow on Instagram.

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