Pretty In Pink – Talking About My Creative Journey As A Blogger

My blog started, like most do, as a casual creative pursuit. Whilst studying at Durham University I felt unfulfilled creatively and claustrophobic living in such a small student town. I missed the culture of a big city, I missed writing and I worried leaving London to study an academic subject instead of art was a huge mistake. Not being someone to give up, I pushed through and decided to set up Frey de Fleur. This website became my little corner of the internet where I could experiment with my writing, photography & design and I can’t tell you enough how special that has been to me over the past two years.

Now that I’m graduating the next chapter of my life is about to start. People have often assumed that it’s my dream to become a full time blogger and, for me, that’s never been the case. The thought of being financially reliable on my creative pursuit is a terrifying one and I’m not sure I could handle the isolation of working alone. My blog has taught me so many valuable skills and I want to see what I can achieve when I take those skills into the workplace.

When I was a child I would spend hours just, ‘creating’. Whether it was with paper, paint or papier-mâché I loved seeing what I could come up with after just a little time, love and imagination. So I’m delighted to say that, starting in July, I get to ‘create’ for a living at one of the world’s most innovative organisations. I guess you could say I’m lucky but I truly believe that it was first and foremost my blog that gave me the confidence in my creative skills to go out and chase my dreams.

In a few weeks’ time I will be packing my suitcase, waving goodbye to Durham and moving to London to pursue a career in marketing at a technology company (little jump for joy that I landed my dream job hehe). I’m so excited for the challenges that my new job will bring but… my blog will always be my little corner of the internet.

Frey de Fleur has given me opportunities that I could only ever have dreamt of, but with its success has also come great stress! I’ve agreed to write posts for brands because I wanted to work with them, even though the content wasn’t quite right for me. I’ve also rushed posts and published them when they weren’t quite perfect because I’d taken on too much at busy times like London Fashion Week. Heck, sometimes I’ve even sacrificed my integrity and written a post that I thought was totally lame because I thought doing as many collaborations as possible would get me ahead in the world of blogging.

Someone once told me that ‘you can do anything, but not everything’ and I’ve never heard a truer sentiment when it comes to blogging. Accepting this reality is the first step to creating the life of stress-free productivity that I want. Limiting the time I have to spend on Frey de Fleur with my new job will mean that I can begin to say no to things. Instead of churning out content because I don’t want to disappoint brands I will now have the luxury of being able to ask myself ‘Is this going to be something you’re really proud of and something that is true to you? Because if not….don‘t do it’.

Only saying yes to the collaborations that I have the time and creative capability to commit to will bring my blog back to being the creative pursuit that it started out as. So, expect more personal posts on Frey de Fleur from now (but don’t worry the pretty pictures will still be the same).

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