My 2016 New Year Resolutions

So here it is… January 2016. The past year has been a great one for me. In the 365 days I travelled to: Paris, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Barcelona, Rome, Cyprus & South Africa. I’m back home now but ready to start my next adventure – Bali! Travelling more has changed me a lot and influenced me to try and achieve great things in 2016. To celebrate the New Year I’ve written 10 goals – some blogging, some travel, some fitness and some pretty personal:

  1. Do yoga every day. For the past month I have been starting my day with a simple yoga sequence and I want to continue doing that wherever I start my morning since all I need is my yoga matt. That way I can feel fitter, healthier and more mindful every day.
  2. Be alone more. Apologies to my dear friends, but I think 2016 is going to be the year of me! And that means going to art exhibitions, blog events and dinners on my own so that I can learn to love my own company. I particularly want to travel alone more as I think this will be great for exploring cities and connecting more with new experiences.
  3. Prioritise travel over material things. I’m going to have to start paying off my student loan next year *sobs over keyboard* so I need to start being savvy with money if I’m going to continue to travel with my blog. I’m going to begin by not buying overpriced coffee and investing in a flask as well as banning myself from going into Anthropologie – did I really need that third candle anyway?
  4. Make healthy lifestyle changes. After reading Eat, Nourish, Glow I’ve made some healthy lifestyle changes that have left me feeling more energised, sleeping better and with better skin than ever. So I will be swapping the bus for long walks, drinking more water and ditching fizzy drinks and crisps completely!
  5. Compare myself to others less. Every time I find I’m comparing myself to someone else, I’m going to put those negative thoughts behind me and remind myself of three things I’m totally great at. Hopefully this will help me kick the habit pretty quickly…and this definitely includes unfollowing all the people I hate-stalk on Facebook and Instagram.
  6. Blog less but blog better. With so many amazing opportunities hitting my inbox each week I often find it hard to say no to writing a new blog post – even if I’m too busy. This year I’m going to try and only blog when I feel the post will be one of my best. I’m hoping that this will mean there is more of ‘me’ in each post I write.
  7. Digital detox once a fortnight. Being a blogger I spend a silly amount of time on my phone so I’m going to try and have a whole day off social media once every two weeks (small steps guys, small steps). I’m hoping that waving goodbye to daily twitter updates will help me connect with the people in my life more. 
  8. Love being single. After a pretty brutal breakup in December I’m going in to 2016 ready to be single and fabulous – yeyy me! This year I’m going to regain my confidence, learn to love myself and make more time for my friends. 
  9. Learn new things. In 2015 I learnt to knit and code but this year I want to learn EVEN MORE so I’m spending January in Bali doing a yoga retreat and a Balinese cooking course. Hello new more flexible and cultured me!
  10. Sleep more. I’m very guilty of not getting enough sleep – aren’t we all? But even worse, when I get in to bed I look at my phone. I know screen time eats away at sleep and keeps my brain awake so instead I’m going to start reading before I drift off in to sweet dreams.

I’m starting the new year wearing this gorgeous tulle skirt and cream jumper by La Redoute – my favourite new place to shop online. If you want to start 2016 with a fabulous new wardrobe I can’t recommend it enough for chic style essentials

I’m excited for everything that 2016 is going to bring (good and bad) because I imagine a lot is going to change in my life.  Hopefully I will be graduating, moving out, starting a new job and doing great things with my blog (scary or what)! What are you looking forward to this year? Comment below to let me know!  


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