Must Dos For A Happy Day

In fast-paced London lifestyle a day in the office quickly becomes consumed with deadlines, stress and way too many cups of coffee. Amongst it all I try to schedule a little happiness in my hectic day – making these little habits makes my week brighter and free from headaches! Here are a few of my must dos for a happy day… 

Surround yourself with happy things

My desk is often overbrimming with papers, press cut-outs and post it notes so I like having something small on my desk that makes me smile. Lots of people in the office have their favourite vinyl or a family photo propped up by their computers. If you really want to treat yourself then buy flowers – the glorious smell of your favourite blooms is sure to put you in a sweeter mood and they’ll brighten your desk. 

Wear bright colours 

Bright cheery colours and happiness go hand in hand. As soon as I look down at my favourite yellow jacket by Boden I start smiling. Fill your wardrobe with colour if you want to spread the joy in your office. 

Start your day the right way

On my morning commute I love listening to TED talks or audiobooks. They really inspire me and get my day off to a good start by making me feel positive. Instead of trying to work on the train when there are distractions around me I take this time for me and just relax – morning bliss!

Finish today’s work today

A great day at work today, started yesterday. And a great day at work tomorrow, started today. So, regardless of what you do, finish today’s work today. Having timelines and daily goals you want to achieve everyday really helps (although sometimes it can seem tough) and encourages productivity in me. 

Clear your desk everyday

A cluttered work place leads to a cluttered mind. Clear your desk every day before you leave the office (I’m guilty of not doing this enough so this is a great one for me to work on too). I love Gretchen Rubin’s book ‘A Little Happier’ and she always says that outer order leads to inner calm so give it a go!

Look at the big picture

Rushing for a deadline? Late for a meeting? Argument with a friend? Whatever I’m stressing about I try to add some perspective. Will I be worrying about it tomorrow? Probably not, so today there’s no need to overthink it. 

Take a walk

When I’m having a busy day I try to make ten minutes to leave the office and walk around outside. Some fresh air and time away from my screen, even just for a short while, makes me so much more productive when I get back to my desk. 

Scroll down for details of my beautiful Boden outfit… 

This outfit never fails to make me smile. The feminine silhouette of the dress makes me feel like dancing and the bold colour of the jacket and sandals always brighten my mood. If I’m searching for bright and cheerful clothes then it has to be Boden and that’s where these pieces are from! Some of these items are sold out as they were snapped up so quickly but there are lots of fabulous frocks and fashion accessories on Boden now. 


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