Jewels In The Jungle

lolaandgrace is a fresh new jewellery and accessories brand created by the Swarovski group. I’ve been trying to get my hands on their cocktail collection for a while now so I was super excited when a little parcel arrived in the post packed with pretty gems.

This week I visited the Botanic Gardens and couldn’t wait to wear my new jewellery. The cut of the crystals glinted as the light streamed through the glasshouse. I would normally only wear this necklace, the Cocktail Square Pendant, during the evening but I thought the exotic location of the tropical gardens would be the perfect place to show off these jewels! Despite the pieces all being carefully crafted using Swarovski crystals they are really affordable; these drop earrings, my favourite, are only £29.90.

Alongside my necklace I then opted for opulent details with these Cocktail Square Drops, an ode to the decadence of decades past. These earrings make me feel as chic as Elizabeth Taylor, if only I had more occasions to wear them! The Cocktail Square Ring is similarly a masterclass in eveningwear, reminiscent of fine jewellery. With glamorous jewellery like this there’s not much else you need in an outfit. I’ve plaited the front strands of my fringe back to show off my earrings, worn a simple white dress and painted my nails with a pink polish by Leighton Denny. 

You can browse and buy the collection here:

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