Be Our Guest – My Private Chef Dining Experience

Moving into a new home is a cause for celebration. After all the house hunting and box unpacking, it feels brilliant to finally be settled and start life at a new address.

I’ve just moved into a terraced house in West London and couldn’t be happier (thanks to my fabulous flatmates). We decided to congratulate ourselves for carrying so much furniture up multiple flights of stairs with a dinner party! 

Dinner parties are great fun but sometimes the cooking can be a bit stressful (three timers on the go, the potatoes are burning but the meat isn’t ready and the last guest hasn’t arrived yet—we’ve all been there). So this time, we decided to make life easier and *ahem* focus on drinking by inviting a chef. We used La Belle Assiette to bring a talented chef into our new kitchen so we could enjoy hosting dinner, without the stress of cooking or cleaning. Yes that’s right, no tough roasting trays to scrub! 

Jemma Harrison—our private chef—has worked at restaurants I adore, including Petersham Nurseries so I knew she would create something picture perfect as well as delicious. She didn’t disappoint! Each dish was seasonal and bursting with flavours. It’s hard to chose just one dish but my favourite had to be the pasta which was a perfect autumn dish. When each dish arrived at the table (accompanied by an audible “ooohhh”) Jemma would describe her fresh ingredients which made the chef experience even more unforgettable.

Take a look at our menu. Be warned: it will give you serious food envy. 




Homemade butter


Devilled, truffle


Lemon zest, dill, fennel, toasted brioche


Crème fraiche, naval orange, green chilli, nasturtium


Pumpkin, sage butter


Dauphinoise, chicory


Chocolate, olive oil, salted hazelnuts

The best thing about Jemma was how much she fit in during dinner. We were catching up and joking around but never felt uncomfortable, it felt like Jemma was part of our get together! I’m hoping to keep in touch and organise more dinner parties for birthdays and special occasions—any excuse really to try more of her sensational cooking.  

What would be on your dinner party menu? Comment below to let me know! 

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