Thai Square Spa: London

In a few weeks I will be flying to Phuket for the holiday of my dreams so in anticipation of my trip I thought I should treat myself to a Thai spa day to get excited for the pampering awaiting me abroad. I had been told by a friend (and fellow beauty addict) that Thai Square Spa was the only traditional Thai spa experience in London so I couldn’t resist booking a massage for me and my friend Charlotte. 

Found on Northumberland Avenue the spa is a quick walk from Embankment and Trafalgar Square. As soon as we entered it felt like an exotic escape from the hustle and bustle of London. The spa was beautifully decorated with scented candles, lotus flowers and Buddha statues everywhere – how luxurious!

Once we arrived we were handed our robes and led to the Sen Space. The area is designed to help bring your body back into the perfect state of balance so we alternated our time between the hot zones and cold zones. Going from the sauna & steam room to the ice fountain is wonderful for eliminating toxins in the body but I must admit I squealed as soon as the cold water touched my skin! We had all of the facilities to ourselves so we slipped into the jacuzzi and gossiped to our hearts delight – you can’t beat a girl’s spa day can you.

After spending an hour enjoying the Sen Space we were collected for our treatments. I booked two Ritual Massages which cost £80 each (expensive but a fairly typical price for a luxury London spa like this). I like my massages quite hard so I really enjoyed the pressure applied in this style of Thai massage. From sitting at my desk all day I get a lot of tension in my back and neck so it was amazing to have all that attention paid to my sore spots!

The aroma of the body oil was very unique and different to the scents I’ve experienced in massages before. Rather than being calming it was light, zesty and refreshing. The bergamot, orange grapefruit and petitgrain were delightful smells so I felt awakened rather than sleepy during the treatment. Our massages were an hour long and by the time mine came to an end I was in a state of complete relaxation – if only I could spend every morning like this. 

After experiencing a traditional Thai massage I can’t wait for my trip to Phuket. Reading on the beach, cocktails by the pool and spa treatments in the resort – it’s going to be brilliant. If you have a while to wait before your next holiday then a spa day will be just the mini-break you need…without even having to leave London! If you want to treat yourself to a day of pampering you can book a trip to Thai Square Spa here:

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