The Best Free Fitness Classes in London

London’s an expensive city, especially when it comes to keeping fit. I used to spend a small fortune on a pricey gym membership and fancy fitness classes but recently I’ve been looking to cut down the cost of my fitness routine.

If you’re trying to save money this month then I have some great ways for you to stay in shape that won’t cost you a penny. From running clubs to yoga workouts, there’s something for everyone going on around the city… you just need to know where to look!

Sweaty Betty: Get Fit For Free

Sweaty Betty have amazing Get Fit For Free campaigns and their latest, Ballet Bootcamp, is by far my favourite. As well as weekly in store classes they have online home workout videos so you can keep fit and save your cash for those gorgeous Sweaty Betty leggings you’ve had your eyes on. I loved the Ballet Bootcamp class when I tried it, it’s all about strengthening and toning your body so it’s a great workout. I’m used yoga classes so trying something different like this really pushed my body to it’s limits. I left feeling energised and ready to dance my way out the class… thanks Sweaty Betty!

Nike Running Club

Nike stores all across London offer free running clubs with routes including 5k, 7k and 10k plus free HIIT and ‘train to run’ sessions. If you see a gang of runners sprinting across the streets of London clad in jazzy Nike trainers in a rainbow of colours then you’ve probably spotted a NRC. They look so cool, breezing through town without breaking a sweat, I thought I couldn’t possibly be good enough to join the crew but the club is open to anyone, even beginners like me!

Gym Trials

Ok so this is a cheeky one but did you know most big gyms in London offer free passes for day trials? All you have to do is phone up, say you would like to try out the gym and you can go check them out… for free. Be sure to stop by Fitness FirstLA Fitness and Nuffield Health for some seriously impressive spaces full of fab equipment.


Now I couldn’t write this blog post without mentioning wonderful ParkRun. They organise free, weekly, 5k timed runs across the world. They’re open to everyone and are completely free so they’re perfect for running newbies. When I started running I used to go on a Saturday and it gave me great confidence when I started improving my time week-by-week. If you haven’t checked them out be sure to find your nearest ParkRun.

Lululemon Yoga Club

Lululemon boutiques across London host free yoga sessions every week. My favourite is the King’s Road class before a gentle jog home. Et voila, a perfect start to the weekend. If you fancy a chilled workout and shopping for some pretty new fitness gear at the same time then this is perfect for you. The classes are a little bit elusive though (like a secret only the yummy mummies of London know) so be sure to call the store in advance, they’re really helpful and will give you the times of the classes. 

Asics Bootcamp

Asics’ offer a free Bootcamp which is a balance of high of high intensity cardio drills and technical training. I must admit, I haven’t tried this one out myself yet as its for more experienced runners, but my friend is a regular and raves about it all the time. She’s also made some fitness buddies from it which is nice. The info on the website has lots of running chat like ‘stride length’ and ‘cadence’ so it sounds pretty impressive!

Do you know any fitness classes in London that are free? Comment below to let me know!

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