Anne Semonin: 4 Weeks to Radiance

Do you ever have those moments when you look in the mirror and just feel so…meh. When I’ve had a long week it really shows on my skin and I’m often left thinking “what can I do to avoid this?” For me, a lifestyle change just won’t do as I love my fast paced job and demanding work schedule. So if I’m to tackle the tired skin dilemma my beauty regime has to come to the rescue!

Rather than cover up with concealer or smother my skin with serums in a last minute attempt to slow the signs of stress I’m going to see if a skincare package tailored specifically for me can make my skin radiant in just four weeks. A skin expert at Anne Semonin has given me a personalised beauty prescription complete with five cult products and I’m so excited to see the results. 

Here are the issues my skin diagnosis highlighted:

  • Sensitivity and redness
  • Oiliness in some areas
  • Occasional spots
  • Dark circles and puffiness under eyes

Here are the products I’ve been prescribed to tackle them:

  • Soothing Intensive Complex
  • Extreme Comfort Cream
  • Cream Mask
  • Tissue Serum
  • Express Radiance Ice Cubes

As well as posting photos of the progress (expect some before and after shots) I will keep you updated on my journey to radiant skin *fingers crossed* through my blog. Does your skin ever show signs of stress? Comment below to tell me how you combat them! I can’t wait to hear your beauty tips and tricks.

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