Your Summer Holiday Packing Essentials with Alflorex.

I’m a big fan of a carry-on. You leave behind the stress of lost luggage and speed through the airport without hanging around for your suitcase. But, packing light isn’t easy. It takes me a few tries reorganising (with plenty of Mary Kondo folding techniques) to get it right, but it’s worth it. Here are the essentials I never fly without for a smooth-sailing holiday:

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Buonasera from Sardinia 🍊🌻

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  • Books. It wouldn’t be a holiday without poolside reading. In Sardinia, I enjoyed Enigma Variations by André Aciman, Expectations by Anna Hope and reread Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov.
  • Alflorex. Nothing ruins a holiday more than tummy ache so I rely on this probiotic to keep my gut feeling good, even with a change of diet. I ate lots of delicious pasta in Sardinia and felt great the whole week as the supplement helps keep the natural balance of bacteria in my gut when its disrupted.
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Out of office on 📩 🍉

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  • Suncream. Holidays are a great chance to leave makeup at home and focus on my skincare. My top tip for keeping a glowing complexion is avoiding sun damage! My favourite suncream is by Murad as it has s a rose coloured tint to give my skin a flawless look. Plus, it’s designed for city pollution so works for city breaks or beach escapes. A good straw hat for shade on the go helps too…
  • My camera. I was in Sardinia with my sister so wanted to capture memories of our special trip. The Olympus EPL7 is handbag sized and lightweight so it went everywhere with us (even on the boat). Here are two of my favourite pictures that I took. 👇
  • Silk eye mask. It’s nice to return to work refreshed and, for me, that means good shut up! This pretty pink eye mask ensures uninterrupted dreams. 
  • Bikini. I spent most of my holiday in the sun and sea so had no need for clothes other than this gorgeous crochet bikini.

What are your packing essentials for a holiday? And have you tried Alflorex, or is it a health secret I’ve luckily been let in on? 🤫 Comment below to let me know! 


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