How to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Cosy in the Cold Weather

Stay Warm This Fall and Winter with These Dorm Room Accessories 

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When that balmy summer breeze is suddenly replaced with a crisp fall wind, you know it’s officially time to put away the shorts and break out the sweaters. If you go to school somewhere where the temperature drops in the winter, you’re going to want to cozy up in your dorm after a long day of class. Wondering how to make your room a haven of warmth and comfort this winter? Check out these dorm room accessories that are perfect for the cold weather! 

LED Candles 

Flame-Free But Full of Fun! 

These candles change colours and are remote-controllable. Adjust the settings for a steady glow or flickering light.  Image courtesy of Lighting EVER

You might not be able to sit by the fireside, but you can create the same homey ambience with some flameless LED candles. Battery-operated candles are an ideal alternative to the real candles that you aren’t allowed to have in your dorm room. You can even find ones that have automatic-shut-off for maximum safety! 

Flameless candles come in a variety of shapes and designs so that you can find the perfect ones to fit your dorm-room aesthetic. Plus, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to blow them out after you leave the room! 

A Fuzzy Pillow

A Couple of Fuzzy Throw Pillows Are Sure to Brighten Up Those Grey Winter Days

Add a pop of colour to your dorm room by buying some fun throw pillows. Image courtesy of Pinterest

Nothing says “cosy” like a few extra pillows. Make your bed a plushy paradise by stocking up on fuzzy throw pillows. These cute pieces of decor will complete your movie night and make you forget all about how cold and dark it is outside. 

Whether you get one or four, you’ll love the character that these pillows will bring to your dorm. Choose your favourite material and have a cuddle buddy to spend the rest of the semester with! 

A Flannel Button-Down

Warm and Stylish! 

Complete your fall or winter look with a thick, oversized flannel button-down. Comfortable yet fashionable, it gives you the best of both worlds. Image courtesy of Pinterest

Flannel button-downs are a cold-weather wardrobe staple. They’re super warm, they go with pretty much everything, and you can dress them up or down. Whether you’re heading to class, hanging out with friends, or staying in for the night, a flannel button-down has got your back so that you can look and feel good. 

Plus, they’re great to toss on if it’s a little chilly in the dorm. (You have to give your sweatshirts and sweaters a break at some point, right? Why not rock some plaid!) 


No Carpet? No Problem! 

Don’t let cold feet ruin your mood this winter! Getting a pair of comfy slippers is an investment you won’t regret. Image courtesy of Wirecutter

Let’s face it—dorm room floors can be pretty gross. When it comes to dorm life, slippers are a must, especially in the wintertime. Throwing on a warm pair of slippers is the best way to defrost your feet after walking around in the cold all day. And this way, you can save your socks from turning black on the bottoms. 

But why stop there? Some brands even make outdoor slippers that you can wear to class. Say hello to your feet’s new best friend this winter! 


Finally, a College-Proof Plant 

Tired of the bare winter landscape? Bring some green into your life again by adding a few succulents to your dorm. Image courtesy of HGTV

Don’t want to wait for spring to enjoy nature’s beauty again? Try getting some succulents to keep in your dorm room this winter. They might be small, but these plants sure are mighty—which means that they’re perfect for college students! 

Succulents are known for needing minimal care. You don’t have to water them every day, and they can survive indoors. Just make sure they get plenty of sunlight! 

A Bath Robe 

Bring Luxury to Your Dorm 

Fight that post-shower draft with a quality bathrobe that you’ll never want to take off. Image courtesy of Macy’s

A hot shower on a cold night is one of life’s simple pleasures. But want to know how you can make it even better? Find a comfy bathrobe so that you can stay nice and toasty on the way back from the bathroom! 

Plus, a bathrobe is great for more than just after a shower. They’re also a quick, easy way to stay warm in the morning before you get dressed. 

Hot Chocolate

A Winter Classic That You’re Never Too Old to Enjoy 

This dorm-friendly treat is easy to make and will help you get through even the longest, coldest winter. Image courtesy of The Cookful

Hot chocolate is guaranteed to make your dorm room feel cosier instantly. Whether you get it from the dining hall or make it yourself in the microwave, you won’t be able to get enough of this low-maintenance pick-me-up. 

Keep a box of microwaveable cocoa mix in your room for days when you just can’t seem to get warm (or need a little chocolatey comfort food). You’ll thank yourself later! 

A Comfy Blanket

Too Many Blankets? No Such Thing!

It’s time to bundle up with all of your favourite blankets. Image courtesy of The Budget Decorator

If there’s one winter essential that you need at college (besides a warm jacket), it’s a comfy blanket! From quilts and comforters to throws and afghans, your dorm room blankets are about to become your most-used school supply this winter, especially if your heat’s a little spotty. 

Whether you’re cosying up to watch a movie or tucking in for the night, you’re probably going to need some backup in addition to your main blanket or duvet. A nice, cosy blanket is something you won’t regret buying! 

Your Cosiest Semester Yet

The key to surviving the cold weather? Going shopping beforehand! Get everything you need to stay warm this winter before the temperature drops. You might not be able to go into full hibernation, but you can definitely turn your dorm room into the perfect winter hideaway by making it as cosy as possible.

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