Treating Yourself on a Budget This Autumn

In the crisp and cold Autumn months, it’s the perfect time to stay in, catch up on reading and save money for the ever-nearing Christmas. I definitely indulge in cosy nights at home with friends rather than splashing out like I do in Summer but I still have little treats, just for me. Here are five recommendations to be kind to your bank account and your soul…

  1. Be a coffee connoisseur. My top tip is from Little’s Coffee—not only will your morning beverage taste delicious but you’ll save money skipping your usual order from a high street café. Now, I make my vanilla or coconut lattes at home and carry them into work with a travel mug. Or, drink them as a warm wintery treat at home (Cardamom Bun flavour is my fave). I hadn’t realised that my usual Starbucks was full of nasties whereas Little’s Coffee only has 4 calories a cup and no added sugar. In this little jar I get 25 servings and that’s the same cost as just one pumpkin spiced latte at Pret!
  2. Love reading? Why not revisit your favourites. It’s amazing how new a classic can feel when it’s been a while since you last enjoyed it. Recently I’ve been returning to Bob Dylan’s Chronicles and Patti Smith’s Just Kids.
  3. Get lit. Whenever I have a new candle in my bedroom, I enjoy spending nights in somuch more. Treat yourself to a new scent as the seasons transition and the nights get longer. Why not try a French Vanilla scent to compliment your We Are Littles coffee?
  4. Breakfast for one. Each morning, I leave my phone on Do Not Disturb for a little longer to enjoy my coffee, listen to a podcast and give myself time to wake up before starting a productive day. Treat yourself to some time without the chaos of notifications.
  5. Trade in your pampering indulgences. I am a little addicted to getting my nails done but recently I’ve been opting for an at-home manicure instead of splashing out at a salon. While I’m painting I put on a face mask and give myself a facial.

How do you like to treat yourself in Autumn? Comment below to let me know!


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