How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Are you groggy and foggy in the mornings? Like me, you probably haven’t been getting enough sleep. Amongst the busy days, brunches and boozy weekends of London life it can be tough to prioritise counting sheep but when I started reading up on the importance of sleep (thanks Arianna Huffington) I realised the answer to all my health wishes was simply… get more sleep.

1. Invest in Your Mattress. 

My #1 recommendation is get a good bed! When you move into rented accommodation it can feel easy to settle for the furniture already in your home but don’t do it. If you spend 8 hours a night in your bed then you deserve to feel comfy in it. When I moved into my new flat the mattress was SO uncomfortable. The springs were digging into my back and it was nearly impossible to get a good night’s sleep. I donated it to The British Heart Foundation who will collect furniture for you and had my brand new Leesa Mattress delivered.

My new mattress is from Leesa and it is amazing. I could never go back to the old springy nightmare after sleeping on this cosy cloud-like bed. It was super easy to unpack, soft yet supportive AND they’re really reasonably priced. Perfect for us millennial eh.

I know you might be thinking, “if you got rid of the mattress in your flat will you loose your deposit?”. Don’t worry! I’ve thought of that too. I’ve checked with my landlord, and when I move on I will take my new mattress with me and replace it with one from BHF or Gumtree so my deposit won’t be affected. It’s that’s easy so you have no excuse not to treat yourself to a new mattress.

2. Goodnight iPhone. Hello Sleep. 

3. Get a BodyClock Light. 

I invested in a LumieLight last year and it’s been a real sleep game changer for me. I’ve timed it so it slowly dims the room as I’m drifting off and in the morning it gradually bathes my room in light so I wake up naturally without feeling like a grumpy morning person (which is really quite the feat).

4. The Scent of Sleep.

Some scents are *so* relaxing. Lighting a candle when I cosy up to read a book puts me in the right mood for sleep. I love the calming scent of my heavenly ESPA candle so consider getting a candle or diffuser for your own night-time ritual.

5. Night Time Cuppa Anyone?

One of my favourite bedtime habits is a mug of tea. Obviously, you don’t want any caffeine but there are some lovely blends out there with peppermint, lavender or even liquorice if you have a sweet tooth. They’re rumoured to be great aids for deep sleep and I’ll vouch for that!

6. Stretches, Yawns and Bedtime Yoga. 

If you haven’t had time to exercise why not consider some stretches or yoga from the comfort of your bed (or new Leesa mattress). My favourite is this video: Yoga for Bedtime – 20 Minute Practice as it puts me in a really peaceful frame of mind.

Do you have any tips for me? Comment below to let me know. Sleep tight and sweet dreams!

*Blog post written in collaboration with Leesa but all thoughts (and love of a good night’s sleep) are my own.


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