Getting Creative With Reeves

Ever since I was little I’ve loved to paint. My older brothers were strictly told to never leave me alone with marker pens or paints because, in no time at all, I would find a way to cover the house in colour (most famously with green paint all over the chest of drawers in my bedroom). Now that I’ve moved to London and work full time I rarely indulge in painting so I’ve promised myself that in 2018 I will pick up paintbrushes and get creative again.

Reeves are a great one-stop shop for all things arty. In their collection I found mixing palettes, brushes, acrylic, pastels, gouache and watercolour… it’s like a gorgeous pic’n’mix of creativity!

I bought a large tube of acrylic for painting a base layer on a canvas (I usually go for a neutral grey) before beginning my initial design. Then I can be sure I won’t get any pesky white patches on the canvas! Before starting I also like to have an idea of how my design will look so I experiment with colour schemes and textures in a scrap book before I commit to a selection of paints and tools.

I started with the Reeves gouache paint in peach and love how it looks with a more metallic hot pink. From there I mixed more paint to create complimenting shades and finally I played with a large tube of acrylic in gold which added beautiful detail to the pink. I’m really pleased with the brushstrokes I was able to achieve and felt so relaxed after an afternoon painting. Next time I’m stressed, remind me to get out my paintbrushes…

What do you do to stay creative? Comment below to let me know!


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