My shave-free summer with Sk:n

Shaving has to be the worst part about summer right? Whenever I’m sunbathing I seem to find a pesky hair on my leg and think, “how did I miss that one?” I’ve been thinking about laser hair removal for a while so when I got an email from the lovely ladies at Sk:n I thought it was the perfect opportunity to learn more about it. Since then I’ve been having the treatments on my upper lip and bikini line with amazing results. Goodbye razors and wax-strips. Hello silky smooth skin this summer!

Think laser hair removal is right for you? Here are the questions my friends have all been asking me…

Does laser hair removal mean you never have to shave again?

You can look forward to clearer, smoother skin and permanent hair reduction of up to 90% It’s pretty amazing! The results differ widely from person to person but I’m coming up to my last few appointments and am happy with the results so far. 

How does it work?

So this is the sciencey bit… the lasers are drawn to the pigment of the hair follicle. The light is absorbed by the pigment, which damages the follicle enough to stop future growth. Et voila, the hair is gone!

Does it hurt?

No! I’ve found it relatively pain-free compared to waxing…ouch. Each session the intensity of the laser gets turned up so the last few began to feel like the tiniest flick of an elastic band. Some areas are more sensitive than others so I did jump a little when they zapped my bikini line.

What do you do with your hair in between treatments?

Don’t panic – you can still shave in between treatments. However, you can’t use hair removal creams or wax as they affect the growth cycle of your hair. The appointments vary in how many weeks you have between them, for example, bikini line is every six weeks. So all you have to do is make sure you’re only shaving in that time and get ready for your next appointment.

Can anyone have laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is most effective on darker hair because the lasers are attracted to the pigment in your hairs. I have light skin and brunette hair so I’m the perfect candidate for this treatment which is great news for me but no so great news for my blonde friends.

Isn’t it really expensive?

Well, yes it’s a lot of money to pay in one go but it’s such an investment. I’ve found that laser hair removal is much better value long term than the lifetime cost I was spending on razors, hair removal creams and pricey London wax appointments. It costs £432 for a course of bikini line treatments (with the 40% off price available now). This is the equivalent cost of 12 wax appointments in London so it’s a real beauty bargain.

As well as money, you save a lot of time. If you switch to laser hair removal instead of shaving over the course of a year you save 24 hours – a full day! If you’re tempted then you can make the most of Sk:n’s latest 40% offer – all of the prices are here

Is it safe?

Yes, yes and yes. Sk:n only work with expert practitioners and follow medical standard guidelines to ensure everything is in tip top condition. I’ve seen lots of laser hair removal offers on Groupon and other discount websites but Sk:n was a clinic I knew I could trust. Don’t be tempted to take a cheap offer, go for quality and make sure you find out how qualified your practitioner is.

Do you have to live in London?

Sk:n have clinics all over the UK. I visited the Fulham clinic which is just around the corner from my home. So you can have your appointments wherever is convenient for you. Have any more questions? Check out the Sk:n Guide to Hair Removal here.

Would you have laser hair removal? Comment below to let me know!


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