Do You Have Enough Omega-3?

You might remember that recently I wrote a blog post with Seven Seas about the importance of omega-3 well, hello… we’re back with an update and some wonderful results!

After four months of taking Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil and including more fish in my diet *well done me* my omega-3 index went from 3.5 to 9.4! I know that this has had a great impact on my overall health which is always good news.

My omega-3 levels were measured by a blood sample (taken through a simple finger prick) which was then used to calculate a percentage of the omega-3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA) in my blood cells. The higher the index, the more omega-3 you have in your body. These were measured before I started taking omega-3 supplements on a daily basis and again after just over four months.

I’m really wowed by the results. As I said in my first blog post (which you can read here) I was in a real health slump when Seven Seas reached out to me. Taking this omega-3 test really made me realise how little I knew about my diet and what I should be eating. As well as eating more fish I’ve been eating more vegetables and feeling great for it – if a bit reluctant at first hehe.

My top tips for balancing out my diet have been to start my day with a vegetable intake (yes veggies can make yummy smoothies too), taking Cod Liver Oil supplements daily, adding tuna to pasta for an instant omega boost and making delicious salmon fishcakes (you can find my fave recipe here) when I have friends over for dinner.

For a little context…an omega-3 index of 4 or below would be a cause for concern, while an index of 8 or above would be a good sign. Going from 3.5 to 9.4 I really bounced from one end of the spectrum to the other which shows that a few small changes really do make a HUGE difference. I’ve just started making some Deliciously Ella recipes from her latest cookbook and I’m hoping my newfound love for her cooking will inspire me to keep up my health!

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