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A Day In Connaught Village

Autumn in London is full of lovely little treats. Pumpkin spice lattes, red leaves, cosy mittens and, luckily for me, it’s my birthday! To celebrate my special day, I booked some time off work and spent the day in  Connaught…


Things You Learn When You Move To London

Commuting, coffee shops and costly nights out. Moving to London has taught me a lot of valuable lessons! So here’s what I’ve learnt about city living so far… 1.     London is lots of tiny towns – not one big city. Once you…


The Best Free Fitness Classes in London

London’s an expensive city, especially when it comes to keeping fit. I used to spend a small fortune on a pricey gym membership and fancy fitness classes but recently I’ve been looking to cut down the cost of my fitness…


Shop For A Cause

It feels fabulous to give back. The fuzzy feeling you get when you spend an afternoon volunteering or making a donation to a cause close to your heart is hard to beat! But we’re all guilty of letting London life…


A Special Announcement – I’m Merci Maman’s Brand Ambassador!

One of modern life’s little treasures is opening an email to find some truly exciting news. A little while ago I received a note from Merci Maman, my favourite jewellery brand, asking me to visit their London office to discuss becoming…


Healthy Snacks To Stash In Your Desk Drawer

When you get to that time in the day when you’re having a bit of a mid-afternoon slump there’s nothing like a snack for a little ‘pick-me-up’. Luckily, there are plenty of healthy midday munchies that’ll keep you satisfied, straight…


Must Dos For A Happy Day

In fast-paced London lifestyle a day in the office quickly becomes consumed with deadlines, stress and way too many cups of coffee. Amongst it all I try to schedule a little happiness in my hectic day – making these little…


How To Wear Orange This Summer

If the trendsetters of Instagram are any indication (which of course they are), orange is the new power colour. The palette is popping up in all shades from tangerine and coral to bright, punchy hues like mandarin and apricot.  With the…


The Perfect Autumn Trench Coat

London weather is painfully unpredictable. ☔️ One minute the sun is shining and the next it’s raining. To prepare for any climate I’ve invested in the perfect autumn trench coat…. this gorgeous damson jacket from Jack Wills. Inspired by the…


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