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Elliot Rhodes Belts

Bespoke and innovative, Elliot Rhodes create beautiful luxury leather belts and buckles in a wide variety of colours, textures and styles to suit all tastes. Over the last nine years, Elliot Rhodes has become the go-to belt and buckle making…


Pocket Watch

Pocket watches are inspired by pocket art, the craft of creating beautiful works of art in miniature. Watch making is, after all, about artistry and precisions and these values have been re-imagined into a new, and dynamic collection which I’ve been…


Mountain Force Hooded Insulation Jacket

This ultra-thin, highly breathable, waterproof and elastic jacket not only provides excellent functional features, but it has also created a figure hugging, fashionable silhouette with the best thermal output that Mountain Force, a Swiss premium ski wear manufacturer, is famous for.…


Njork Raincoat

NJORK pushes the boundaries of what practicality, water proofing and warmth stands for. Fusing high fashion with high technology, Njork has set out to revolutionise the notion of what a waterproof all weather jacket is and looks like. Disheartened by…


Poppy Print Satin Scarf by Lola Rose

Lola Rose is one of the most stylish and successful jewellery brands in the UK today.  Specialising in bold, colourful jewellery, hand-made from the finest semi-precious stones, Lola Rose is worn regularly by Hollywood film stars and fashionistas alike. Designer…


Dr Martens #StandForSomething

Crack Magazine recently asked, “with various media outlets happy to call us out as the most complacent generation yet, is it time to reclaim our subcultures? Has our hyper-developed, hyper-connected society disbanded this sense of division, or are there still…


Frey de Fleur Charity Blogger Evening

Everyone loves a good party, and here at Freydefleur we are no exception, especially when macarons and cupcakes are involved!  On the 17th September, we held a party at The Jam Tree, Chelsea, to introduce the concept of Fashion Conscious…


My Three Floor Dress

Hot new London label Three Floor brings forth a covetable collection based on clean, fluid lines and softly tailored separates. Inspired by the effortless style of fashion insiders, models and bloggers, channel Three Floor’s laidback-luxe aesthetic with slouchy-chic tops, tailored…


Melrose Tote By Tumi

As you probably already know I love Tumi travel. I’m always trekking up and down the country with work so having luggage that is reliable and stylish is an essential for me. Tumi have now designed a collection that features…


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