Frey de Fleur is a London lifestyle blog styled and written by me – Freya. I’m lucky enough to call London my home but am a wanderer at heart and can often be found leaving city life behind in search of adventure. This website is dedicated to a colourful life full of wanderlust, where you’ll find fashion inspiration, travel guides and restaurant reviews… everything you need to plan your next adventure!


Frey de Fleur started as a casual creative pursuit whilst I was studying Ancient History at Durham University. After graduating, I was lucky enough to get got my dream job. Without any hesitation I packed my suitcase and moved to a small, yet irresistibly charming, flat in Fulham. So I’m currently living my wildest dreams and pursuing a career in music marketing in beautiful London!

In my spare time I love being outdoors, getting crafty, doing yoga, smelling perfume, giving hugs, spending afternoons in art galleries and sharing it all with you on my blog.


For all PR, collaboration and partnership requests please contact me directly at freydefleur@gmail.com

Thank you so much for your time, I will be sure to reply as soon as possible.

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